2016: The Year of Generosity


Over the years Beatrex has developed a valuable collection of knowledge about how to use the Moon cycles to enhance the quality of your life. Life, at the highest spiritual level, moves beyond time and uses cycles to increase your ability to actualize your full potential for living. Learn to live by cycles instead of by time—learn to live by the light of the Moon.

2017: The Year of Acceleration

About Beatrex


A dynamic personality devoted to the growth and development of the human potential—she is an author, poet, lecturer, symbolist and tarot expert, and has been counseling and teaching for more than 20 years.

Love Notes


Read the blog of Beatrex Quntanna, and learn how to live love every day.


The Moon Book


For centuries, the Moon has been the keeper of the secrets of life. If used appropriately, this sets the stage for successful living. This workbook, written by Beatrex Quntanna, reveals those secrets and supports you in learning them.




This series of short videos will show you how to use Beatrex’s workbook, Living by the Light of the Moon, known by her students as simply, “The Moon Book”.


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