Cosmic Check-In with Beatrex Quntanna – August 2017

Two major eclipses happen this month: the lunar eclipse in Aquarius and the spectacular U.S. solar eclipse on August 21. Beatrex puts all the fear mongering to rest, and offers a hopeful and inspiring message about this month.

Produced by Boyd Martin of Mystic Broadcast


Recalibrating fear using the Buddhist teaching of impermanence

Recalibrating fear using the Buddhist teaching of impermanence

The underbelly of every fear is our fear of death.Buddha and the Moon

Perfectionism is Death…
Impermanence is Life…

Perfectionism stops life. When we are into perfectionism, we want everything to be the same. We want to freeze frame an experience we thought was perfect, stop time, and stay there. Oftentimes perfectionism keeps us from attempting any kind of action. “If I can’t be the best, I won’t even try.” “If I don’t look good, I won’t go anywhere.“ “If I can’t be the boss, I don’t want the job.” etc… etc… etc… Perfectionism leads to defeatism and keeps us stuck in fear of disapproval by a standard of perceived excellence. We then spend hours of our precious time here on Earth managing an image of life rather than living life.

If you find yourself reading this it is important for you to see where perfectionism is freeze framing you from living life. Take a moment to see where you might be living by someone else’s standard and not being true to yourself. Remember, narcissism is caring what other people think and leaves little room for self development. Life is the continuum of impermanent event structures providing experiences for us to evolve through action, change, development and refinement. The standard is provided for you and set by this galaxy, the galaxy of adaptation. Under this umbrella, we come to know that life is always changing. When we keep our polarities moving along with the movement of the galaxy, we will come to know truth as beauty and motion as harmony.

Recalibration on the full moons, what it means

Recalibration on the full moons, what it means

moon-graphicOn the Full Moon we have an opportunity to let go and set ourselves free from parts of our life that are not working. We are now living in a quantum reality where past and future are no longer a reality. So with this in mind I have come up with the word for letting go in this new dimension, this word is re-calibration. Re-calibration takes the idea of letting go into the past and future, as well as other dimensions where stuckness still occurs.

For example, you want great wealth so you might want to re-calibrate any blocks to achieving great wealth. In so doing the concept of recalibration will eliminate any past dimensions where one might have taken a vow of poverty.

Re-calibration asks us to expand, supersede, and include so that the block can no longer be a block. It also allows transformation to happen without death, which is huge because because that eliminates fear where change is happening.

2017 … Let the games begin!

2017 … Let the games begin!

Calendar_2017_cover_webMercury went out of retrograde yesterday giving us the gift of a new year without any leftovers. Now the gateway is open until retrogrades start on February 5th. This will give you all a boost on the acceleration energy for the year.

Many of you have shared it is hard to know what to focus on as a goal or intent. Now that Mercury is direct all the glory and fun of the new possibilities will start coming forward. 2017 is a “10” year and is all about new beginnings, so expect your higher-self to be presenting many visions, coming attractions, and previews to be in your field. The best perspective is to take time with these and watch them as if you were at the movies. A shot-gun effect will be the best way to go. This will keep your options open and experience will show you the way go. You may notice these visions grow as you apply action to them. Then acceleration will begin.

The Moon is full in Cancer on the 12th make sure you get your re-calibration list ready so your slate is clear of the past so acceleration is easy. The Moon goes into Leo one hour after the Moon is full. So at that time you will see what coming attraction has a leading roll waiting for you!

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